About Us


Graziano’s Hair Studio has been family owned and operated by  Andy and Maria Graziano and then by Karen Graziano-Lampka for 33 years.  The hair business in the Graziano family dates back to the 1930’s, when  Karen’s grandfather, Andrew Graziano, owned a barber shop in East  Buffalo. Also, the next generation was Karen’s dad, Andrew Graziano, who  has owned his barber shop since the 1960’s in South Buffalo. His  brother Chuck Graziano also owned a barber shop in Cheektowaga. Karen  being the third generation in the hair industry, has 33 successful years  taking care of her business on Union Road in Cheektowaga, the town that  Karen grew up in.

Karen has enjoyed every aspect in owning her own business.  The love of haircutting became successful after years of travel and  training to New York, Toronto and London, England. She expanded the  salon ten years later to accommodate the successful growth and  additional stylists she has welcomed into the salon over the years. One  of the stylists at Graziano’s is a fourth generation in the family, Kara  Benns (a second cousin to Karen). Kara has been successful at  Graziano’s for 25 years now. Other stylists include  Michelle Whitmarsh, Lisa Cosentino, Gina DiStefano , Nikki Donius and Lyndsey Sobkowiak.

We are one of the original salon in the area that has  continued to specialize in hair only. Our expertise has been in advanced  haircutting and up to date color and highlight techniques. We also do  facial waxing, pedicures and manicures.

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Karen Graziano-Lampka